Simply Divine 18th Mar 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with researcher lecturer,author Sr Bernadette Flanagan about Spiritual Tourism and it's link with the growth of Christianity.

Simply Divine 11th Mar 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Sr. Briege McKenna, O.S.C. who was miraculously healed of crippling arthritis, she has travelled the world sharing her message of faith, hope and healing to millions of people. She speaks about her specific ministry to priests and on her prophecy on Priesthood.

Simply Divine 4th Mar 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Director of Haiti orphanage project ESPWA Joseph Clancy on his work in supplying vital humanitarian aid into Dominican Republic,Haiti,Honduras,Uganda, Kenya,Ukraine and Turkey.

Simply Divine 25th Feb 2023

Maria Colfer speaks to Fr. Billy Swan about the gender question.

Simply Divine 18th Feb 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Fr Hayden Williams OFM Cap, preacher of the Gospel within the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor. He has recorded various TV and radio programs, and speaks at the Divine Mercy Conference 2023 in Dublin.

Simply Divine 11th Feb 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Christian writer and Catholic speaker Francis Etheredge. Francis shares his own story and hopes that others will discover the God who comes to help.

Simply Divine 4th Feb 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with The Reverend Ciarán Kavanagh who was recently ordained a deacon for the Church of Ireland’s Ordained Local Ministry (OLM).

Simply Divine 28th Jan 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Fr Oliver Crilly who has been a parish priest in the Derry Diocese. An author,and past Director of Veritas with an interest in parish pastoral councils and in the Spiritual tradition of 'Céile Dé'.

Simply Divine 21st Jan 2023

Maria's guest this week is Gorey Native, Camino Tours Founder and founder of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir, Dr.Phil Brennan.

Simply Divine 14th Jan 2023

Canadian writer and inspirational keynote speaker Mark Davis Pickup was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 30, which drastically changed his life direction. In 2018, God unexpectedly raised him out of his wheelchair to walk again. Mark shares his story with Maria Colfer.

Simply Divine 7th Jan 2023

Maria Colfer speaks with Bree Musician Leslie Dunne on 40years involvement with local choir and to Fr Chris Hayden,who shares insights on the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Simply Divine May 7th 2022

Maria Colfer speaks with Author, and Evangelist, Jason Sautel about his life as a firefighter, a story of Courage, Darkness, and the Relentless Love That Saved Him.

simply divine nov 13th 

Maria Colfer's guest is Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., an academic philosopher and theologian who currently serves in residence at a parish in California. He also serves as host and producer of "The Catholic Current" on The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network and is a columnist at Aleteia.

Simply Divine Oct 9th

Maria Colfer speaks to bestselling author,broadcaster and award winning journalist,Colm Keane on his latest book,The Book of St Brigid,co-written with his wife, former RTÉ newsreader Una O’Hagan.

simply divine oct 2nd

Maria Colfer speaks with Ned Deane, brother of the late Monsignor Rory Deane, a Wexford priest whose ministry made a big impact in the Diocese of Corpus Christi in Texas.

Simply Divine June 12th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks with Bishop elect Fr. Ger Nash, a priest of the diocese of Killaloe, following his appointment by Pope Francis as the new Bishop of Ferns.

Simply Divine Feb 6th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks to Elma Walsh, Mother of the late Donal Walsh about his legacy and the problem of suicide.