Saturday   - Tuesday
South East Radio 95.2 - 96.4fm

Simply Divine
Saturdays 10.04 -10.30am
Presented byMaria Colfer

Sounds for Sunday
Sundays 09.04 -10.00am
Presented by Patricia McNally with reflection from Reverend Canon Ian Cruickshank and includes listeners requests, hymns, and Sacred songs.
**Text line for requests 089-2700688

Sunday Celebration 10.00am  

Sunday Reflection 8.30 - 9pm
Reflections and music.

Music Box
Mon 30th May 8.04-8.30pm
Various presenter are invited to treat us to a selection of musical favourites.

Faith Matters
Mon 30th May 8.30-9.00pm
Discussions on various faith topics by various presenters

Diocesan Diary
Tuesdays 8.04pm- 8.30pm
News from around the diocese presented by Martin Colfer and Betty Breen