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Simply Divine 
Sat 08th Jun 10.04 -10.30am     
Maria Colfer speaks with Fr John Mockler (member of the Padre Pio Institute) on 'Encountering the Risen Lord' and on his upcoming visit to Ferns.

Sounds for Sunday 
Sun 09th Jun 9.04am - 10.00am                                           
Presented by Patricia McNally
Selection of Hymns, sacred Songs, & Includes listeners requests. Text Line for requests 089-2700688

Sunday Celebration
Sun 09th Jun 10am
St Mary and Michaels Church, New Ross

Sunday Reflection
Sun 09th Jun 8.30pm - 9pm
Alex Doyle and members of the legion of Mary New Ross discuss the very popular Saint- St Anthony.

Music Box
Mon 10th Jun 8.04pm-8.30pm
Stephen Rossiter shares a selection of musical favourites.

Faith Matters
Mon 10th Jun 8.30-9pm
David Hennessy's guest is fisherman Johnny Keating who shares his faith journey.

Diocesan Diary
Tues 11th Jun 8.04pm -8.30pm
Martin Colfer and Betty Breen take a look at what's happening around the diocese and speak with guests Alice McLoughlin and Fr Jim Cogley.

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Sounds for Sunday
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