CHRISTIAN MEDIA TRUST PROGRAMMES on South East Radio 95.2-96.4fm
Saturday  22nd January - Tuesday 25th January

Simply Divine Sat 22nd Jan 10.04- 10. 30am
Maria Colfer speaks with Fr. Luke Demasi,(Servant Brother of the Home of the Mother)on faith, evangelization and their work with the youth here in Ireland.

Sounds For Sunday 23rd Jan 9.04am - 10.00am
Sounds for Sunday, is presented by Patricia McNally, with reflection from Reverend Canon Ian Cruickshank, and includes requests, hymns and sacred songs.
*Text Line for requests 089 2700688*

Sunday Celebration 23rd Jan 10.00 am
Ferns Diocesan Ecumenical Service
With Reverend Canon Chancellor Arthur Minion, Reverend James Murphy and members of Ecumenical committee.

Sunday Reflection 23rd Jan 8.30pm - 9pm
Reverend Conor O'Reilly shares reflection and music on today's readings.

Music Box Mon 24th Jan
8.04pm - 8.30pm
Senan Lillis shares a selection of musical favourites on the theme of Hope.

Faith Matters Mon 24th Jan 8.30pm- 9pm
 Luke McCann shares his personal faith story.

Schools Corner 25th Jan 8.04pm- 8.30pm
Margaret Rossiter speaks with Fr Joe McGrath who celebrates 20years in the parish of New Ross.

christian unity reflection

After encountering the Saviour and worshipping him together, the Magi return to their countries by a different way, having been warned in a dream. The communion we share in our prayer together must inspire us to return to ourselves, our churches and our world by new ways. But what does this mean in practice? Serving the Gospel today requires a commitment to humankind, especially the poorest, the weakest and those marginalized. It requires from the churches transparency and accountability in dealing with the world, and with each other. This means churches need to cooperate to provide relief to the afflicted, to welcome the displaced, to relieve the burdened, and to build a just and honest society. This is a call for churches to work together so that we can all build a good future according to God’s heart, a future in which all human beings can experience life, peace, justice, and love.