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Simply Divine 
Sat 13th Apr 10.04 -10.30am     
Simply Divine offers Solidarity to the farming community this weekend and Bishop Ger Nash and Bishop Adrian Wilkinson invite people to join together in prayer.  

Sounds for Sunday 
Sun 14th Apr 9.04am - 10.00am                                           
Presented by Patricia McNally
Selection of Hymns,sacred Songs,
& Includes listeners requests.
Text Line for requests 089-2700688

Sunday Celebration
Sun 14th Apr 10am
St Michael's church

Sunday Reflection
Sun 14th Apr 8.30pm - 9pm
Mary Ellen Hawkey speaks with Fr. Billy Swan on the topic of God's Grace in our lives. .

Music Box
Mon 15th Apr 8.04pm-8.30pm
Mart Manager Eric Driver shares a selection of musical favourites in support of the farming community at this difficult time.

Faith Matters
Mon 15th Apr 8.30-9pm
David Hennessy speaks with former butcher, Eddie Stones on how God called him to change his life,his healing ministry in Clonfert,miracles witnessed, and his message for Ireland.

Thoughts for Tuesday
Tues 16th April 8.04pm -8.30pm
Mary Ellen Hawkey speaks with author Paddy Whelan on his debut novel ' The Girl in the Big House -    A Question of Loyalty, an Obsession with Land and a Divided Love.

(The Girl in the Big House, published by Three Sisters Press in Rosslare and will be available on and through good bookshops nationwide)

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Sounds for Sunday
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