simply Divine sep 4th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks with Keith Wheeler who has walked over 25,000 mile through more than 180 countries carrying a 12 foot wooden cross

Simply Divine Aug 28th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks with writer and producer Steve Ray who is a convert to the catholic church and author of three best selling books. (Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock and St. John's Gospel)

simply divine july 10th 2021

Heather Hadrill speaks to Mary Curran about Eucharistic Adoration

Simply Divine June 12th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks with Bishop elect Fr. Ger Nash, a priest of the diocese of Killaloe, following his appointment by Pope Francis as the new Bishop of Ferns.

Simply Divine Feb 6th 2021

Maria Colfer speaks to Elma Walsh, Mother of the late Donal Walsh about his legacy and the problem of suicide.