Guidelines For Producers And Presenters

The Christian Media Trust Core Values Are:

Openness, Tolerance and understanding.

Positive Vision and Forward looking approach.

Respect for the individual and the listening audience

Christian Media Trust will strive to implement the Mission Statement on the basis of :

Programs which reflect clearly identifiable Christian Values

Inter church sharing and close co-operation with other community and social agencies.

Ecumenical co-operation.

Promoting Gospel values through spoken word, music, literature, culture etc.

Contact with others involved in Religious Broadcasting and also South East Radio.

Training for personnel involved in programme presentation and production.

Regular review and evaluation of content and quality of CMT programmes.

The Christian Media Trust Programme blend would encompass :

Worship, prayer and religious reflection.

News and reports on the life and work of the Churches at all levels.

Discussion of religious issues, social concerns etc in present day society.

Highlighting Christianity at work in the lives of individuals, family groups and communities.

Providing a religious perspective on social issues.

Information, interest and educational opportunities especially for young adults.

November 2011